Cardiovascular Health


It is relatively simple to understand the meaning of the cardiovascular system. This word can be dissected into its two conjugating terms i.e. cardio and vascular. Cardio refers to the heart while vascular refers to the blood vessels. Heart and the blood vessels are the primary components of this system. The system plays a vital role in transporting blood to the various cells of the body. Cardiovascular health refers to the good sound coordination of the blood vessels, heart, and the blood.

The cardiovascular performance is initiated by the heart which pumps the blood to the various organ systems. The pumped blood contains the required nutrients, oxygen, WBC’s and hormones which are conveyed to the various destinations. Blood circulates through the blood vessels. The blood vessels include the capillaries and veins which are the medium in which the blood flows.

Cardiovascular health is, therefore, an effortless flow of blood naturally. The blood flows from the heart to the various organs through the capillaries and back to the heart through the veins. Any dysfunction of the cardiovascular system leads to cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). Heart or blood vessels related diseases are commonly referred to as the CVDs.

However, by adapting a healthy lifestyle, these diseases can be prevented. Here are some of the healthy techniques that can keep your body free from CVDs.

Healthy foodfffff

For cardiac health, you are advised to take a diet with low cholesterol and triglycerides. Healthy food is low in the primary substances that cause excessive fat deposition in the arteries and veins. Fats are known to cause the gradual thickening of the artery’s wall leading to a condition referred to atherosclerosis. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

The thickening of the arteries inhibits the flow of blood to the heart. This could result in high blood pressure, heart attack, coronary heart disease, and congestive cardiac failure.

Quit tobacco smoking

Tobacco is the main rival as far as cardiovascular health is concerned. Junk food and smoking affect the heart too. They lead to artheroma condition which causes the amalgamation of the degenerative materials. When these materials accumulate to higher levels, they cause heart diseases like stroke and angina. Nicotine is also known to stimulate adrenaline formation that elevates blood pressure.

Light exercise.

Cardiovascular hebbbbbalth and exercise share an ancient relationship. Training is considered to be a viable alternative where a healthy diet is not available. Exercises play a crucial role in burning the consumed fats.

Psychological stress

Stress triggers the production of adrenaline hormone. This accelerates heart rate, breath and blood pressure. All these are the major causes of the cardiovascular diseases.

Natural techniques are the best methods in dealing with cardiovascular health. They should practice religiously to eradicate cardiovascular diseases.